The WAC Gallery Presents: Holm

By: Andrew Moltz

A couple of weeks ago, producer Holm. released a new track entitled "45th Parallel". As an artist and musician, Holm is constantly growing. This new track, accompanied with slurred, heartfelt spoken word, gives off a "post-after party" vibe.

However, this perfectly executed track did not come out of thin air. For one year exactly, Holm. took on the daunting task of writing and recording a song a day in his 365-Day project. It became clear that with each new week, Holm. was developing and honing his sound. Even with a years worth of material under his belt, the producer continues to explore and expand his music. If "45 Parallel" is any indication of what the producer has up his sleeve (and I'm convinced it is), keep Holm. on your radar because he's up to big things.

Check out the track below, as well as his Facebook and Soundcloud page.