Manufactured Mondays: Budweiser's Bowtie Can

This May, Budweiser has decided to redesign the experience of pounding one of their beer cans back. Despite your opinion on the lager's taste, Budweiser is an undeniably iconic beverage, its famous bowtie logo recognizable to most Americans. With the release of their new bowtie-shaped can, pictured above, the company plans not only to have an iconic look, but an iconic feel in the hands of Bud drinkers. Although the can looks and feels different than the PBR, Coors, and Heineken cans it competes with, the redesign comes at a price: it holds 11.3 instead of 12 ounces of beer. This being said it remains to be seen if the new can will change the beer drinking game, or simply be a fleeting promotion. Read more on the company's site: (

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