Chance The Rapper + Daniel Ceasar (unreleased)

Daniel Ceasar is on a hot streak right now. Watch as he plays guitar for Chance the Rapper & The Social Experiment Crew along with Thirdstory on the Stephen Colbert Late Night Show. Although the performance is pretty bare, its a great blend of the two artists styles. Chance's poetic verses discuss the problems he is dealing with in his seemingly perfect life as well as "first world problems" we all seem to face.

Watch below!

Tom Misch & Carmody - Release You (Mahogany Sessions)

Tom Misch, the Singer/Songwriter/ Dj that recently signed to Universal, is a really unique talent. Growing up listening to rap, J Dilla production and Jazz guitar, has also made his sound very different. His sound is a nice blend of interesting chord progressions with enough hip hop and RnB influences in the drum to appeal to the the masses. Check out his mahogany session with Carmody below

Sunday Vibes - Masego

Sunday Vibes by Masego is truly one of a kind. In prior interviews, the artist expressed how growing up listening to gospel heavily influenced the music he created; however, now he is attempting to fuse the styles of Trap, Electronic and Jazz to create his own unique sound. This song and the rest of the Pink Polo Ep are both great introductions to Masego, his musical talent and versatility and his new emerging style of music he likes to call TrapHouseJazz. Stream Sunday Vibes and check out the rest of the Pink Polo EP on Soundcloud using the link below.

Sampha - Slow Lights

"Sampha currently working on his upcoming album. Today, he took to his Soundcloudpage and liberated a new instrumental titled 'Slow Lights.' If this serves as any type foreshadowing to his new project, be ready for some quality material."

Listen to the new track below.


Lana Del Rey - West Coast

The goddess, Lana Del Rey, is back with a new track entitled "West Coast". This hyped up track has had her fans drooling for the full version, and it has finally arrived. Even though Lana Del Rey went for quite a bit without releasing any official music, she has returned from her hiatus. Her sound is similar but has a new relaxing twist that we can really get used to, listen to the new track below.