What Is Live More?

Live More is a multi-media company where we give exposure to developing creatives such as artists, photographers, designers and writers through management. We also specialize in online/social media marketing and promotional events such as listening parties, meet and greets, concerts and more. The purpose of this site and brand in general is to give exposure to our creatives, shed light on important industry news, and last but not least highlight the new wave of real live music. 


Stress less and live more because life's too short to not enjoy.


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Aaron Johnson - Founder

"Live More is not only about events and keeping people updated on music and industry news, but it also helps tell the story of my life, by bringing together the many aspects that make me who I am."

From sophomore year through graduation I was apart of the Berklee High School Music City Music Academy, where I played piano and alto saxophone and had the opportunity to learn from and play with Berklee students and professors and other incredibly talented high school musicians in and around Boston. From this I developed a deeper passion for music as well as the business behind it. Last summer, I interned in the Global Finance department at Sony Music Entertainment in New York, and now I am the Atlanta College Marketing Representative for them.

The exposure I've gotten to different styles of music throughout my life, along with the passion I already had for rap, hip-hop, gospel and R&B has led me to finding some very talented creatives who's talents I feel should be seen by the world.

instagram: @aaronj006

twitter: @_eaarn